BBB Roofing Reviews

Posted by: | Posted on: May 26, 2015

The Better business bureau is an organization that has been around for decades the main goal of the business is to provide the public with an inside scoop as to what companies are legitimate and worth using and what companies work over their customers and take advantage of them. We at the Canadian Contractor directory wanted to put fourth a testy and really read some reviews from some actual businesses as well as the people reviewing them. Now one disadvantage with just the way the world seems to work is that people likely not write positive reviews if they had a positive experience unless you push them with a call to action or ask them to really come out and tell them you had a positive experience. The way the modern mind works people dont really go out of their way to “thank others” however in the case they experience a negative review the odds change and all of a sudden people put fourth everything they can to bash a companies name and set fourth. Nonetheless the BBB has a way to monitor this information and they giv complaintees the chance to really voice their opinion as well as business owners to rectify a situation. The way the BBB works is people submit a review comes into place the winner whether this is the business owner or the complaintee is than awarded a win or loss etc and than a strike is laid against the business. A 3 strike negative review normally is a revoke of your BBB status. So keeping your status and ensuring customers have a positive experience is very important in this matter.

Anyways the topic of our article was focuses on contractors and roofing companies within the souther alberta area. We wanted to look for a company that had a great positive review that could cater to our re-roof on our personal home in altadore Calgary. We started to explore options as we all know a city of a million people (calgary) does have multiple different choice and selections for general contractors especially in the roofing and trades industry. We were able to come across a local to calgary roofing contractor that was quick with the quotes, they came out to our location almost immediately and provided a quote, the work was done within 2 days and ontop of it all we were able to secure a 10 year workmanship guarantee that really secures confidence in the work that was provided.

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