Great Tips to Help You Get the Perfect Color For Your Roof.

Posted by: | Posted on: June 24, 2015

Great Tips to Help You Get the Perfect Color For Your Roof.

Gone are the days that the color of the roof was dominated by the gray metallic color of roofing sheets or the fading red of ceramic tiles. With continued and improved technology, the calgary roofing world has become more colorful and with more materials that offer lasting solutions to the user. Among these are the shingles that have become all so popular owing to their longevity and variety. However, with all these advancement, there are certain challenges homeowners and developers have been left with and that is how to choose a color that will blend well with their establishments. Here are some tips that would be of great help.


It is a virtue and one that would see you avoid catastrophic mistakes when you are finishing off your house. Your roof will speak volumes not only about your house but about you too so you might want to have that roofing company hold on a bit longer as you look around.

Go over all the options.

One of the most common comments that most people end up using is “It looked better on the picture.” You do not want to fall in the same category. Using the architecture of your home as your guide, go over the different color options that you will get and also consider if you would like to have just a single color or mix things up.

Let technology offer you some help.

You are in this predicament because of technology and you can also get out of it thanks to technology. A wide variety of companies in the roofing industry have softwares that are able to let customers download a photo of their home and use this to compare to different roofing and siding color options. This can be of great help in letting you see how all the different colors would work together first hand.

Look around the neighborhood.

If all else fails, look around and see what your neighbors have. You can borrow a few color ideas that you like and use them together to come up with your own unique look. If not you can just borrow one of theirs.

Before going through all the trouble, you first have to ensure that your municipality actually embraces creativity and does not have a gag as to the colors that you can have on the exterior of the house. This way you do not end up having to pay fines and then re-roofing.

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