LED Christmas Lights Vs Traditional Halogen Bulbs

Posted by: | Posted on: July 16, 2016

Lights are the indispensable part of Christmas celebrations because they make the celebration brighter and more mysterious. Yet, when it comes to choosing between LED Christmas lights and traditional halogen lights, people always face some difficulties in defining the best one. Here are some tips showing the differences between LED Christmas lights and traditional halogen lights, which will enable you to determine which one is better.We also have outlined some installation tips into this article that will assist in setting up lights for your christmas festivities.

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The first forms of lights bulbs go back to Thomas Edison times. The earliest traditional forms were glass containers which were filled with inert gas-argon, so that an electric current was able to flow through a filament made of wolfram. The degree of brightness depended on the highness of power. Nowadays, traditional halogen lamps are further developed forms of these first light bulbs. In today’s more developed halogen traditional lamps the inert gas-argon is replaced with halogen gases, such as bromine or iodine. The other change made to the new type of those early lights bulbs is that the filament became thinner which increased the burning temperature. These changes enable the atoms that are evaporated from the filament, return to the filament through the processing cycle. The process has given several advantages to halogen lamps, such as increasing its service life over two or four times. The other benefit of halogen lamp is that it keeps the light output and color temperature unchangeable during the whole lifetime of a halogen lamp. The best point of halogen lamps, however, is that it produces no shadows but only pure light. The drawback of halogen lights is that it consumes more power to produce brightness and the heat output is high again compared to its brightness. Halogen lights are also too sensitive for mechanical impacts due to the high temperature of its filament.

The first LED light was created in 1962.The difference of LED lights to those traditional ones lied in the use of semiconductor materials with “holes” and “electrons”, that is, when a voltage applies to LED, electrons recombine with the help of electron holes inside the semiconductor material. The first LED lights were too expensive but with time they became more developed and the price decreased. Nowadays, to produce higher power some LED chips are combining. LED lights are remarkably more efficient than halogen lights as they have low heat compared to its brightness and consume lower power than the halogen one.

Both halogen and LED lights produce pure light, without shadows, however, the LED lights have longer lifetime-over 100,000 hours. The other advantages of LED lights are the absence of toxic substances, having no explosion risk and PWM controlled dimming effect. It does not need extra care in its installment and utilizing process, as halogen ones, as it will not cause any thermal damage to people or materials around.

Yet, the disadvantage of LED light compared to halogen lights is that it changes the color temperature and light output with time. Besides, LED lights cost a lot more expensive than halogen ones, though the prices are being dropped constantly. The producers of LED lights say that the high price of their product is an offset for its considerably long lifespan.

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